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KOLAS 기체유량교정

KOLAS 액체유량교정

  • We are always researching calibration technology to expand the accuracy and application spectrum of flow meters, so we are equipped with the latest technology using five test stands for flow and flow meter calibration. We guarantee that calibration of all instruments is carried out in accordance with the certified quality assurance certificate DIN EN IS9001:2015. The accuracy of reference literature is based on KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science).

  • Golden Rule has entered into a technical agreement with KOLAS, so that all products are calibrated by a calibration agency, thus enhancing the reliability of calibration. KOLAS report can be requested upon delivery. In addition, we are also working on a calibration agency for faster work for our customers.

    ※ The mass flowmeter of Golden Rule Co., Ltd. is shipped after testing with a calibration facility built in accordance with the conditions of the certification body.