It is a mass flow meter manufacturer with trust and expertise.

Based on 35 years of various field experiences and accumulated German excellent technology, it is a company that specializes in manufacturing thermal mass flow meters for gases and differential pressure mass flow meters for gases, steam, liquids, oils and corrosive gases. The thermal mass flowmeter, which has been dependent on imports, has been domestically developed with its own technology after a long and hard work, and has been steadily supplied to all industrial fields since 2010.

Due to the global economic recession, the demand for ONE MAKER was received from customers who prefer domestic products, and mass flowmeters used for air, gas, steam, oil and liquids for all industrial plants and R&D and water and sewage treatment were signed with KOLAS institutes for calibration. Increased reliability.

At this time when the preference of domestic products is increasing, Golden Rule's differential pressure mass flowmeter (accuracy +/-0.1%/0.2%/0.3%FS) is used for hydrogen such as steam, ultrapure water, aerospace fuel oil, ship diesel oil, semiconductor, steel, etc. , Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, LNG, LPG has been trusted for precision flow measurement. Due to this influence, it is expanding to all industrial fields, having proven product reliability for testing difficult hydrogen charging stations, heat exchangers, and vacuum pumps in R&D.

Lastly, in order to meet the needs of customers, the head office focuses on Before Service and promises to fulfill its responsibilities from delivery to commissioning and A/S through specialized domestic and overseas agencies.

Han Mo Hong, CEO of Golden Rule