Gas Type
Industries&Application where are used
Compress air monitoring
Natural&LPG gas to boilers
Combustion air flow to boilers
Secondary air inlet control&kilns
Air&N2 purge monitoring
Gas addivives&gas mining
Leak testing
Accumulator tank air flow
H2 monitoring
Gas flow to test separators
Oxygen monitoring&water purification
N2 seal leak detection
Dryer air flow
Flare stackk gas monitoring
Fluid bed dryer air flow
Propane line monitoring
Flare stack gas

Shipping, Steel&Aluminum Fabrication
Compressed air
Air flow rates
Turbo air flow
Turbo charger air test equipment
Coke&oven gas
N2 flow to annealing process
Natural gas of annealing operations
Natural gas to smelting&casting operations
Aluminum smelter CL2&Ar flow
Pulverized coal flow detection

Power Plants
Combustion air flow
Heated air to coal mill
Natural gas to power generators&getsets
Primary&secondary air flow
Condenser air leakage
Contaminant unit vent air flow

Glass&Ceramics Manufacturing
Oxygen,natural,LPG gas to burners
Natural&LPG gas to furnaces&kilns

Food Processing&Pharmaceutical Industry
Compressor air flow
CO₂fermentor off gas
Ventilation systems
H2 in H2 oil production
Tablet&pill coating air&N2 flow
Exhaust gas
CO₂in bear manufacturing
N2 in mayonnaise manufacturing
CO₂flow in bottling plants

Automotive Industry
Compressed air monitoring
Natural gas consumption
Fuel cell hydrogen flow
Engine test stand air flow measurement
Paint booth&paint oven ventilation
Powder plant air flow

Water&Waste Water
Aeration air flow
Ozone measurement
Digester gas
Colorine gas flow for municipal
water disinfecting

Air Flow Monitoring Type
Compressed air
Dryer air
Cooling air
Purge air
Leak detection
Combustion air
Air injection
Seal air flow
Waste water-areation

Speciality Gas Producers
Custody transfer&pay meter
N2, Ar, CO₂& H2 usage
Compressed air to mine shafts
Ventilation air monitoring
Air injection into flocculation vessels

Flare stack gas monitoring
Fuel gas monitoring
Air intake flow

Air balancing Duct flow Energy conservation Laminar flow benches Clean room

Fuel Gas&Emissions Monitoring System
Biogas&Digester gas monitoring Combustion process optimization Environmental reporting Energy accounting&Custody transfer

Natural&LPG gas transmission
Plastics Industry:Air&N2 gas monitoring
Medical:O₂gas monitoring
Environmental:Gas&Air flow monitoring

Gas Mass flow Meter Type
Land fillgas/Digester gas
Exhaust gas/CL2 gas
H2 gas/O2&Ozon
Natural&LPG gas bumer
Flare gas&Flue gas
Other gas

All Liquid & Oil monitoring
Industries&Application where are used
All Liquid & Oil monitoring