KC-2610 GI(IP67) KC-2620-Ex(IP66) PDF download
  • Close loop control
  • Power AC100~250V & DC24V(Standard)
  • Output accuracy ±0.1%, ±2.5㎂(4-20㎃) & Pulse
  • Field validation of flow meter calibration settings
  • Smart program interface(RS-485 Standard)
  • Direct mass flow monitoring eliminates need for temperature and pressure compensation
  • Simple signal Processing&calibration
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Best price-perfomance ratio
  • Easy adaptable for different application or into housings
  • No mechanical moved components
  • Greatly reduces upstream piping requirements(7D-5D)
  • Outstanding range ability(Turn down ratio 1000:1)
  • One-second response to changes in flow rate
  • CE, Ex
Golden Rules' KC-2600WI Smart insertion mass flowmeter accommodates the change measurement requirements and instrument-validation demands of inclustrial liquid flow monitoring installations. The versatile microprocessor-based transmitter integrates the functions of flow measurement, flow-range adjustment, meter validation and diagnostics, in either a probe-mounted or remote housing. Mass flow rate and totalized flow, as well as other configuration variables are displayed on the meter's opitional 2x16 LCD panel. The programmable transmitter is easily configured via an RS-485 communication port and Golden Rules Smart interface software, or via the display and magnetic switches in the instrument panel. The Golden Rules KC-2600WI allows you to configure or change the following password protected parameters:flow rang, totalize, time response, low flow cutoff and a calibration corection factor that compensates for flow profile flow variations. Golden Rules's Smart interface software guides you through a procedure to fully validate instrument performance. The meter is available with avarety of input signal, mounting and packaging option.
Operating Specifications
316 stainless steel

Liquid Pressure(2limitations)
Compression fittings: 508psig (35barg) option
150lb flange, JIS 10K RF PN16(DN) : -40℉~150℉(-40℃~65℃) / 230psig(16barg)
Low Retract valve : 100psig(7barg)
High Retract value : 1000psig(70barg)

Pressure Drop
eligible for popes three inches in diameter or larger

Liquid&Ambient Temperature

Leak Integrity
5×10-4atm cc/sec of helium maximum

Power Requirements(selection)
DC24V ±10%, 200mA
100~240VAC ±10%, 10watts

Output Signal(standard)
Linear 4~20mA, Pulse, 0~5V, Alarm

Alphanumeric 2×16 backlight LCD
Adjustable variables via on-board switches(password protected) or Smart interface software
Adjustable: Full scale(0~100%) / flow:m3/h(m3), L/h(L), mL/h(mL), kg/h(kg) / Time Response(1~7seconds) / Correction factor setting(0.5~5) / Zero & span

Seven digits(9,999,999,999 Count) in engineering units Reset table by software, on-board switches

Smart interface Windows® -based software 8MB of RAM, prefereed 16MB of RAM RS-485 communication
Additional features: Zero cut-off adjustment / Linearization adjustment / Save / Load configuration / Flow meter validation
Performance Specifications
Accuracy of Point Velocity
±2% or reading from 10 to 100% of calibrated range
±0.5% of full scale below 10% of calibrated range

±0.2% of full scale

Temperature Coefficient
±0.03% of reading per ℃ within ±10~38℃ of customer specified conditions
±0.06% of reading per ℃ within ±25~50℃ of customer specified conditions

Pressure Coefficient
±0.02% per psi for air, consult factory for other gases

Response Time
One second 63% of final velocity value

Measuring Range
0.01 to max 66m/sec

Physical Specifications
Wetted Materials
sensor proble - cermaic+316ss(Platinum)
protection tube - 316ss(option,316L)

Hazardous-Area Enclosure CASE(Ex d[ib] ⅡC T4 : IP66) or Hazardous-Area Enclosure (IP67 또는 IP65)

Electrical Connections
2×1/2" NPT 또는 Exp Cable Gland(ss) 22c

3/4-inch tube compression fitting with 3/4-inch male NPT(std)
ANSI 150lb flange, JIS 10K RF Flange(option)
3/4-inch tube compression fitting with 1-inch male NPT(option)
1/2-inch tube compression fitting with 1/2 male NPT(option)
Ball valve system(option)

Ex(Ex d[ib] ⅡC T4)
KOSHA Certificate
KGS Certificate
Dimensional Specifications & chart
Dimensional Specifications & chart2
Dimensional Specifications ≠ chart3
Low Pressure Ball Valve imensional Specifications
All dimensions are inches, Millimeters are in parentheses.
All drawings save a ±0.25inch(6.4mm) tderance. Certified drawings and available be on request.
Up&Downstream Requirements
Select an installation ste that minimize possible distortion in the flow profile, Valves, elbows, control valves and other piping components may cause fbw disturbances. Check your specific piping condition against the examples shown below. in order to achieve accurale and repeatable performance install the flow meter using the recommended number of straight run pipe diameters upstream and downstream of the sensor.
Order Code - KC-2600 WI Series (Liquid Insertion Type)
Type Code1
IP67 or IP65 10WI
Hazardous-Area Location Enclosure 20EX
Agency approved, customer specified 30

Insert Length4 Code2,3
6 - inch(15cm) 06
9 - inch(23cm) 09
13 - inch(33cm) 13
18 - inch(46cm) 18
24 - inch(61cm) 24
36 - inch(92cm) 36
Special Length (in)
Probe with 2-inch JIS 10K RF Range (in)-M5
High Pressure with Retractor valve (in)-M9
Agency approved, customer sprecified WW

Mounting Code4,5
None 0
Compression Fitting2
(3/4-inch tube X3/4-inch Male NPT)
Thread let(3/4-inch Female NPT)
Specify pipe O.D. in parertheses
Compression Fittings(IP67)
(1/2-inch tube X 3/4-inch Male NPT)
Curved Duct Bracket(3/4-inch tube compression Fitting)
Specify duct O.D. in parentheses
Low Pressure Retract Valve
Specify duct O.D. in parentheses
Compression Fittings
(3/4-inch tube X 1-inch Male NPT)
Agency approved, customer specified WW

Enclosure5 Code6,7
Hazardous-Area Location Enclosure 2
Remote Hazardous-Area Location
Endosure(only with Ex Meter)
Remote Hazardous-Area Location
Endosure with Junction Box
IP67 or IP65 N2
Remote IP67 with Junction Box N4(Ft)
Agency approved, customer specified WW
Input Power Code8
DC24V ±10%, 200mA 2
AC100~240V ±10%(option) 3
Agency approved, customer sprecified W

Output Code9
RS-485S(RS-232C) 1
Pulse, Alarm 3
DC4~20mA, 0~5V 4
Agency approved, customer sprecified W

Display Code10
No Readout NR
Digital Display DD
Agency approved, custormer specified WW

Fbw Direction Code11
Horizontal Free, or Vertical up 1
Horizontal Free, or Vertical down 2
Agency approved, custormer specified W

Calibration19 Code12
Srandard calibration A
Water, only for 2inch and large pipe size
Water, only for 2inch and large pipe sizes D
Customer Calibration B
IPA, Acetone, Alchol C
Liquid refrigerant E
Silicon oil,Transformer oil,Olive oil F
Gasoline oil,Diesel oil, Light oil, Kerosine oil G
Agency approved,Customer sprecified W
Calibration29 Code13
64.4℉(18℃) 14.7psig(1.103bar) A
70℉(21.1℃) 14.7psig(1.103bar) B
Agency approved, customer sprecified W

Pressure Code14
Low Pressure 43psig(3bar) Max L
Medium Pressure 145psig(10bar) Max M
High pressure 725psig(50bar) Max H(option)

Option Code15
Agency approved, customer sprecified W

1. Flange is tapped and threaded on the compression fitting.
2. Material matches he selection in box 2. Metal ferrle permanetly locks after tightening compression fitting.
3. Flange must be ANSI or DIN specification.
4. Maximum length is 60-inch(1524mm)
5. Enclosure required for agency approvals, T6 rate at 104℉(40℃)
6. Wire resistance must be less than 8chms
7. Turndown ration is 100:1 minimum and 1000:1 maximum
8. SFPS is the abbreviation for standard feet per second at 14.7psia(1.01bar(a)&70℉(21.1℃))
9. Customer specified calibration must not exeed temperature & pressur limitations of the 2600WI, 2600WF Series products specifications